The False Prince

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sage is one of four boys chosen to be part of a special mission. The goal? Impersonate the lost Prince Jaron, the second son of King Eckbert. The rest of the kingdom of Carthya doesn’t know it but the king, queen and the crown prince were murdered. If nothing happens, the crown will go to a ruthless regent. The boys are trained by an almost equally ruthless man, Conner, who will do anything to get one of the boys on the throne.  Each boy wants to be chosen and for two weeks they compete to win Conner’s favor. The boys  will do anything to win.

This book was amazing! It’s one of those books you will not be able to put down. The fast pace and deadly secrets keep you reading and reading and reading. Sage has a certain personality that makes him hard not to like. He is certain he will win, but has a stubbornness that might prevent that. He always has an answer and doesn’t like obeying orders. There were so many twists that you could never predict what was going to happen. This is one of the best adventure series I have read yet, though it gets very scary later in the series.

Jennifer A. Nielsen has also written other books including Mark of the Thief, an Infinity Ring book, and A Night Divided, which is to be released August 25. Can’t wait to read it!



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The 100-Year Old Secret

The 100-Year Old Secret by Tracy Barrett

When Xena and Xander Holmes moved to London they thought it would be boring. It ended up being the complete opposite. They receive a strange note one day and they find out that they are related to Sherlock Holmes. They inherit his unsolved casebook and are determined to solve one. This is a great book if you like mystery but don’t like to always be watching for the bad guy.

I thought this was a good book. It had a fun story line but I thought it was a little too predictable. It seemed a lot like the Boxcar Children books I used to read when I was younger. Fun but not one to read if you want action in every chapter.  I think there might be a sequel or two, but I haven’t cheeked them out yet. Let me know if you decide to read them!

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Book Club!

The Wingfeather Saga book club starts today! I’m so excited (as demonstrated by my excessive use of exclamation points!)! Join me. It’ll be fun!

Beware the toothy cows.

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Rain Reign

Rain Reign  by Ann M. Martin

Rose Howard is obsessed with homonyms. She keeps a list of them and every time she finds a new homonym, she writes it down. Most people think that it’s a waste of time including her single father. When her dog (and best friend) Rain goes missing after a storm, she has to abandon her rules and routines to find the only creature on Earth that completely understands her.

This book was a good read. The author did a great job of expressing Rose’s thoughts. One thing the author did throughout was to put the homonyms of words in parentheses. I understand why the author did it. It helped me see into how Rose sees the world. But as a reader, I felt like it was interrupting the story. I really liked the ending, even though it was sad. The author put in fun twists that makes it almost impossible to guess what is going to happen next.


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The Wingfeather Saga

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness      North! Or Be Eaten       The Monster in the Hollows      The Warden and the Wolf King

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

I’m kicking off my book reviews with the best of the best. The Wingfeather Saga is my favorite book series EVER! I am not joking.  I would recommend it to anyone (like me!) who likes a little adventure in their lives.

Janner Igiby and his younger brother Tink and sister Leeli  live in a world run by Fangs, evil lizard men, who scare the Skreeans and kidnap their children. When the Igiby children get in trouble with a particualar Fang, it sets of a chain of events that change their world forever. They must avoid Fangs, Stranders, toothy cows, cave blats, and all the other creatures and people that make Aerwiar such a dangerous place to live.

Andrew Peterson creates a world that is so lifelike that I sometimes (no, all the time) think it really exists. Each book reveals more secrets and is more exciting and more unpredictable than the last. The thing I like most is that I can actually relate to the characters. I know what they are feeling because I’ve felt it before in my own life. Fear. Excitement. Dread. Hope. It’s all there.

I’m so excited that Andrew Peterson is starting a book club of his own with this series. It will kick off on 1/26/15 and if you want to read the book series along with other fans, you can get more information here:

The four books are: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, North! Or be Eaten, The Monster in the Hollows and The Warden and the Wolf King. My personal favorite is the last one but resist the urge to jump ahead.


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My name is Audrey Marie and I LOVE to read. I probably read about 6-10 (thick!) books a week. I started this blog to share my favorite books, remember which books I have already read, and get new book ideas ( if you have read a good book lately PLEASE let me know about it in a comment). I also hope that writing this blog means I never have to do a book report for school again.  🙂

When I’m not reading I will be drawing, reading, writing, reading, sewing or reading. The books I write about are mostly for 9-15 year old kids, but that’s just a suggestion. And yes, I am a girl. But don’t make any assumptions about my book preferences based on that. I abhor romance and predictable happy endings. I like fantasy, adventure, science-fiction and basically anything not possibly real. But don’t worry, from time to time I will include some books that don’t give you nightmares.  My hope is that you get lots of new book ideas from my posts and the comments that follow. Feel free to share my blog with your friends. And happy reading!


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