One by Sarah Crossen

Grace and Tippi have never spent a second of their lives apart from each other. The conjoined twins have defied every doctors’ prediction and lived a relatively normal life. Now sixteen, they are starting at a private school for the first time. High school is hard enough for normal teens, but Tippi and Grace are always stared at and mocked wherever they go.  As if navigating school isn’t hard enough, a truth they’ve never wanted to admit is surfacing, and they soon must make the hardest choice they’ll ever make.

This book was one of the best I’ve ever read. It was written in a poetry form, which brought out and made real the emotions and thoughts that a conjoined twin might have. I’ll admit, it made me cry! I loved how Sarah Crossan made Grace and Tippi so unique but so close and dedicated to each other. You could understand their longing for a normal life, but satisfaction with who they were. This book was beautifully written and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a unique but realistic book!!



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5 responses to “One

  1. Welcome to MMGM. This was a favorite read for me. Didn’t expect the ending.


  2. Sounds like a really intriguing read, and I love that cover! Welcome to MMGM, and thanks for the recommend!


  3. I’ve heard of this but never read it. And didn’t realize it was a novel in verse. Now I definitely need to read it! Thanks for the review.


  4. Thanks for the review! I’ll put this on my TBR list. Welcome to MMGM!


  5. This sounds like a fascinating read and I think the style it’s written in is perfect. Thanks for putting this on my radar. I look forward to checking it out.


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