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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildĀ by John Tiffany & Jack Thorne, Inspired by J.K. Rowling

It’s been 19 years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry now has a job with the Ministry and three kids, but his past won’t stay in the past. Many innocent people died during the battles, and the guilt is crushing. Meanwhile, Albus, Harry’s youngest son, is going through trials of his own. Sorted into Slytherin and best friends with the rumored son of Voldemort, Albus is resentful of his family name. Determined to fix his father’s mistakes, Albus sets off on an adventure that will turn out to be much bigger than anyone expected.

Us Potterheads have been waiting a very long time for new stories. So I was thrilled when I found out a new book was coming out. But I was exceedingly disappointed. The book is in script form, which is very hard to read, and doesn’t give any of the emotion and feeling that we love from the original 7. The story line is confusing, and seems forced. I could not get into it. Yeah, it was mildly interesting, but it wasn’t the Harry Potter we know and love. I honestly think the HP series would have been better without this book. It might be cool to see as an actual play though.


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