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Wow. It’s  been a full year. Even though I haven’t posted a lot, I have been reading. A lot. Here are some of my favorites.

Inkhear Triliogy – Cornelia Funke

Wondla – Tony DiTerlizzi

H.I.V.E. – Mark Walden (just realized there are 2 more books! got to get reading.)

Ashtown Burials – N.D. Wilson (also read his 100 Cupboards series and Leepike Ridge)

The Land of Stories – Chris Colfer

The Unwanteds – Lisa McMann

Maximum Ride – James Patterson

The Nethergrim – Matthew Jobin

Kingdom Keepers – Ridley Pearson

Fuzzy Mud – Louis Sachar

The Great Greene Heist – Varian Johnson

Spy School – Stuart Gibbs (all his books are good)


What did you read this year?




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Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

Sophie has an annoying power. She can hear what everyone is thinking. All. The. Time.  Which isn’t fun, especially if your a twelve year old in her senior year in high school. So she does her best to hide, hide her knowledge, hide the headaches that come with hearing everyone’s thoughts. So when she meets a boy whose mind is silent, she’s not sure what to think. What he tells her is even more unbelievable. All to fast, her life is changed forever, and she has to leave everything behind, to go to a place that is strange and completely different from the world she is used to. The people there are nice and do their best to make her feel welcome but there is something she’s not being told. Something dangerous.

!!!! These books are awesome! All the characters and creatures are unique and the talents are desribed very well. Through the four books, the storyline twists, with new characters, new enemies, new allies. Even though there is so much changing, the story is not confusing. The twists keep you wanting more.  These books are full of action, suspense  and secrets. I was hooked. So far there are four books, but book five will be coming soon! I heard maybe fall 2016! Eek!!!! So if you haven’t read this book…. you are missing out. I feel bad for you. READ THEM!!!!!!!

ps. Go Team Black Swan!!!!

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Michael Vey- The Prisoner of Cell 25

Michael Vey- The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

Michael Vey is electric. Literally. Every since he can remember, he’s been shocking people without meaning to. Now he’s older and can control his powers. Most of the time. After an incident with a group of bullies, Michael’s life has become dangerous. Things go downhill quickly. His mother is kidnapped and shortly after that, a girl with mysterious powers like Michael’s disappears. What is going on? Why does Michael have powers? And most importantly, will he ever see his mother again?

Wow. I might have a new favorite book series. One thing that makes these books so good is that they could really happen. The books are a great mix of science and fantasy and the suspense keeps you hooked. I could not put this book down. Every book blends together so you never feel like the author is trying to find one more enemy for them to fight. Yes, there are some mushy parts, but the action makes it easier to ignore that. If you like suspense, danger, and superpowers, you need to read this book!!

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