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The False Prince

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sage is one of four boys chosen to be part of a special mission. The goal? Impersonate the lost Prince Jaron, the second son of King Eckbert. The rest of the kingdom of Carthya doesn’t know it but the king, queen and the crown prince were murdered. If nothing happens, the crown will go to a ruthless regent. The boys are trained by an almost equally ruthless man, Conner, who will do anything to get one of the boys on the throne.  Each boy wants to be chosen and for two weeks they compete to win Conner’s favor. The boys  will do anything to win.

This book was amazing! It’s one of those books you will not be able to put down. The fast pace and deadly secrets keep you reading and reading and reading. Sage has a certain personality that makes him hard not to like. He is certain he will win, but has a stubbornness that might prevent that. He always has an answer and doesn’t like obeying orders. There were so many twists that you could never predict what was going to happen. This is one of the best adventure series I have read yet, though it gets very scary later in the series.

Jennifer A. Nielsen has also written other books including Mark of the Thief, an Infinity Ring book, and A Night Divided, which is to be released August 25. Can’t wait to read it!



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