My name is Audrey Marie and I LOVE to read. I probably read about 6-10 (thick!) books a week. I started this blog to share my favorite books, remember which books I have already read, and get new book ideas ( if you have read a good book lately PLEASE let me know about it in a comment). I also hope that writing this blog means I never have to do a book report for school again.  🙂

When I’m not reading I will be drawing, reading, writing, reading, sewing or reading. The books I write about are mostly for 9-15 year old kids, but that’s just a suggestion. And yes, I am a girl. But don’t make any assumptions about my book preferences based on that. I abhor romance and predictable happy endings. I like fantasy, adventure, science-fiction and basically anything not possibly real. But don’t worry, from time to time I will include some books that don’t give you nightmares.  My hope is that you get lots of new book ideas from my posts and the comments that follow. Feel free to share my blog with your friends. And happy reading!



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5 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Mom

    You are my favorite book nerd ever. I love this. Love, Mom


  2. Mehar

    This is awesome! Excited to see future posts 🙂


  3. amber

    This sounds fun. Looking forward to seeing your comments.


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